High Tensile Wire

Agricultural fencing materials are made of either low carbon wire or high tensile wire. For years, landowners have relied on low carbon barbed wire and field fence products to fence their land and contain their animals. Over time, through the development of  technology, the industry standard for wire tensile and coatings has transitioned.

  • Low carbon wire Low carbon wire is made from steel rod with carbon content of approximately 0.06-0.08%. This type of wire is easy to work with and somewhat forgiving. However, it is prone to elongation meaning it will sag or stretch over time.
  • High tensile wire High tensile wire is made with higher carbon steel and its carbon content is approximately 0.28%. The increased carbon content significantly increases the wire’s strength and reduces elongation.

High tensile wire allows you to use a smaller diameter wire instead of a thicker, low carbon wire. Once a high tensile fence is properly installed, it will remain tight for years and require very little maintenance over time.

The 50-Year Fence is designed to be the strongest, longest lasting product on the market. The high tensile design, combined with the Zinc-Aluminum coating make it virtually indestructible.