Cattle Fence

When compared to traditional barbed wire and field fence, The 50-Year Fence is easily the best choice of cattle fence. The 50-Year Fence is extremely durable because it’s made of high tensile wire and has a fixed knot. Our products last longer than other cattle fence products in harsh environments thanks to their technologically advanced Zinc-Aluminum coating. The best part is that you get all of these features without breaking the bank. Believe it or not, you can contain your livestock with The 50-Year Fence for almost the same cost as a five-strand barbed wire fence.

We have designated four sizes as the most suitable options for cattle fence. Both the 949 and 1348 designs will utilize 50 percent less posts during installation when compared to barbed wire. Because of the wire’s graduated spacing, cattle are unable to put their heads through, and their hide will be protected against damage typically associated with barbed wire.

Don’t settle for a fence that will sag or stretch over time. Select one of our 50-Year Fence products and rest assured your land and livestock will be safe behind a one-of-a-kind wire product.

The 50-Year Fence is distributed exclusively by San Antonio Steel Company.