Deer Fence

The 50-Year Fence is the strongest, longest lasting deer fence option on the market today. It is suitable for a variety of uses including deer breeding, deer management and exclusion.

This eight-foot deer fence is manufactured to withstand heavy impact in both low and high pressure areas. With graduated spacings from top to bottom, The 50-Year Fence provides superior protection against predators. In addition, the advanced Zinc-Aluminum coating found on The 50-Year Fence is the only one of its kind. Our products will last two times longer than Class 3 fixed knot fence products, guaranteed.

If you’re looking for a deer or game fence that is impact-resistant, look no further than The 50-Year Fence. Our products are manufactured with high tensile wire that will not sag or stretch, and a solid fixed knot that will not unravel or break.

These configurations are considered to be extremely economical when compared to other deer fence alternatives. To extend the life of your 50-Year Fence, consider using heavy duty galvanized t-posts and Class 3 clips as opposed to the painted alternative.

The 50-Year Fence is distributed exclusively by San Antonio Steel Company.