The Fixed Knot

The fixed knot design is considered top of the line when compared to the makeup of other wires making The 50-Year Fence the strongest, longest-lasting wire product available on the market.

fixed knot

Traditional field fence uses a hinge joint knot to join the vertical and horizontal line wires together. Because of its wrapped design, the knot on a hinge-joint fence can slide. The fixed knot is unique in that it uses a separate piece of wire to lock together a solid vertical stay wire to the line wire which increases the overall strength of the fence and allows for increased post spacing. A fixed knot fence will not tear apart under heavy pressure unless the wire itself breaks.

Because of the fixed knot, The 50-Year Fence gives with pressure and will not stretch or sag permanently. The 50-Year Fence is very resistant to animal damage which means you save time and money on maintenance over the years.

There are a number of fixed knot products on the market today, but The 50-Year Fence is the only wire of its kind to combine the fixed knot with the advanced zinc-aluminum coating technology. Our product is scientifically proven to give you twice the life of Class 3 fixed knot products and is backed by a 50 year warranty.